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Why invest in a 360° virtual tour?

A virtual tour is a visual solution in which several 360° panoramic photos and other types of content (maps, videos or images) are combined into a complete presentation system. In this way, more complex projects can be displayed in an interactive way with virtual content, such as an entire residential complex, a house or an industrial property.

To create a spherical panorama, we use professional equipment (DSLR cameras, full-frame fisheye lenses, professional Yuneek hexacopters with 4K cameras) and for HDR panoramas, depending on the situation, we use between 21 and 35 high-resolution photos to create only one HDR spherical panorama.

A virtual tour consists of a minimum of 2 spherical panoramas, but in general we recommend a minimum of 4 panoramas to obtain a complete immersive system.

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360° virtual tours

360° spherical photography or 3D panoramic is the interactive viewing of wide-angle panoramic photos, generally comprising of a 360-degree circle or spherical view. It is the art of capturing or creating a complete scene in a single image as seen by someone when rotating around a single central position. The spherical panorama can be viewed on any computer, smartphone or VR glasses.

360° aerial panoramas

The special version of the spherical panorama that is filmed in the air using lower airspace, usually from (GND) 60-120 m high. This type of bird's-eye view panorama can provide additional visual information and navigational aid for virtual tours or we can show larger areas such as a residential or industrial area.

360° videos

The special version of the spherical panorama that is filmed in the air with professional drones using the lower airspace, usually from (GND) height of 60-120 m. This type of panorama resembles a bird's eye view and can provide additional visual information and help of navigating virtual tours for large targets, such as a hotel complex, a residential or industrial area.

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